The well-maintained transportation system serving The Jurong Region makes LakeGarden Residences accessible


The LakeGarden Residences is a 99-year leasehold property that was acquired by auction for $273.88 which amounts to approximately $273.88 million per square foot, in the property’s ratios (psf also known by”per). Winville Investment is one of the affiliates to Wing Tai Holdings, topped with a price 14.1 % higher than the reserve price of S$240 million.

The Lakegarden Residences progress with the top hospitals nearby must be taken into consideration. Hospitals are located near the location of the residence. People who live in LakeGarden Residences have the chance to reside in a secure and secure area and can access medical treatment in well-equipped medical facilities. The LakeGarden Residences are located just 700 meters to the AcuMed Medical Clinic. Health care is provided through Silver Cross and Family Point Clinic & Surgery.

While staying at LakeGarden Residences guests are able to sample various restaurants. The restaurants in the neighborhood offer international and local cuisines in settings ideal for outdoor dining.

These companies offer a wide range of services to families which makes them the ideal choice for families with children.

The people who are enthralled by nature will be amazed by the lush green plants that are close to their homes. Parks with activities for all of the community are located in Jurong park, which is closely connected to Taman Jurong Park, Jurong Lake Gardens, Chinese Gardens and Butterfly Park. There are numerous other ways to be entertained in Snow City for ice skating and spending time with your family outdoors.

LakeGarden Residences is situated in a sought-after neighbourhood within the Jurong neighborhood. It’s the ideal place to get away from the bustle of the city and let residents participate in what’s to come for Singapore. Singapore. Residents can take advantage of public transportation, and are near the MRT Bus stations and major roads.

LakeGarden Residences benefit from the benefits of being accessible through the well-maintained transportation system that is in operation throughout The Jurong Region. Residents can travel between the estates in the area, and also the CBD and other regions of The Island. If you’re cycling, walking or driving, you’ll be able to have a pleasant commute when you reside in an apartment located at LakeGarden Residences.

The total size of the property that includes LakeGarden Residences, is established at 2.1 square feet (sq Ft) to be used as the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). This is a gorgeous residential project that will include 300 luxurious residences.

Within the Jurong’s West Region, LakeGarden Residences is situated in the region’s most desired neighborhood. It is filled with gorgeous, reasonably priced houses as well as shops and other services. If you are a couple, a single or families looking to enjoy the convenience, this city is the perfect place to be.

LakeGarden Residences are located within a well-established transportation system that allows residents with easy access to all services. The closest highway that is close to this property is Yuan Ching Road linking residents to the Ayer Rajah Expressway. Jurong Town Hall Road is just a short drive away from the property. It is linked to other major roads, such as roads on the Pan Island Expressway. Pan Island Expressway. Pan Island Expressway connects residents with cities throughout the region.

Commuters are able to use numerous MRT stations. Station Lakeside is one of stations situated near LakeGarden Residences. LakeGarden Residences. Other stations located near by include Chinese Garden, Bonn Lay, Pioneer, Jurong East and Joo Koon MRT stations. So, traveling across Singapore is simple.

The community is kid-friendly , and there are plenty of schools from kindergarten up to elementary and secondary schools within the vicinity. In the LakeGarden Estates, LakeGarden Residences are located near many schools which will ensure that your kids are thrilled with their classes. Schools in the vicinity comprise Lakeside Primary School, Yuan Ching Secondary School, as and Jurong Secondary School.

Garden Residences

Garden Residence Garden Residence Garden Residence Garden Residence gorgeous residential property situated within Serangoon North View. It’s 17,189.1sqm and houses 613 stunning apartment units spread over the five floors of construction. It’s easy to access via reliable connections The Central MRT Station and Bus Stops. Residents are capable of accessing a wide range of spaces and facilities which are open to everyone in the tranquil natural surroundings.

Garden properties are situated in an ideal area close to numerous important services including schools, hospitals and food stores, as well as malls along with leisure and recreational facilities. The properties are stylishly designed with modern interiors and fittings that belong to the most reputable developers who offer lavish houses at a fair cost.

Yuan Ching Road is situated within 3 minutes of Highway. Jurong Town Hall Road is in the region that lets residents living in LakeGarden Residences to access estates located in the area. Motorists are able to join within a couple of seconds. Ayer Rajah Expressway along with Pan Island Expressway and Pan Island Expressway Both are within 10 minutes from The property.

LakeGarden residents who reside near LakeGarden residents who use public transportation can get to a number of MRT stations located in the area. Lakeside Subway Station is only 4 minutes to the property. It’s located near to the China MRT Station, Jurong East, Boon Lay and Pioneer MRT stations. All of them are within walking distance.

There are numerous bus stops in the region that are accessible through the LakeGarden home. LakeGarden homes. Residents are able to take their bus routes to reach any of a range of stops, including Blk 367. Lakeside Station, Blk 538 and Blk 337. There is also The Boon Laundry Shop.